Flag-tailed Spinyleg Dromogomphus spoliatus

The other Spinyleg. A very different creature. You cannot make out the spines in this shot on the hind leg. But note the large and bright yellow-orange flag. Fairly distinctive once you've seen several clubtails. Not found as closely associated with water as the Black-shouldered but both can be roamers. They seem to like the flavor of butterfly flesh and are capable of catching even skippers in flight. I've seen them take large satyrs also and certainly other quick dragons. They often cock the club up high when perched on flat ground, though not in the high "obelisk" position of other clubs.

The distinctive leg spines of the genus are seen here on this anterior Flag-tail shot.

The face with the blue-green eyes of the adult and again the four stripes. You can see the hind leg spines through the wings here.

And Charles' much more detailed shot of a male from SW AR.

The female from Prairie county in the open lot near a lake. Less intensely colored and more tapered tip.