Fawn Darner Boyeria vinosa

Another elusive and shadowy Darner. I think these things sometimes fly at night and Bob Barber thinks he has seen them cruising the night lights at football games in the Ozarks. Dunkle says the last 30 minutes before nightfall. I have found them up under shaded creekbanks during the daytime and flushed them out for short distances. This is David's from Oklahoma.

I stayed on the Buffalo river or nearby in Sept 2015 and walked the river for several days. Fawn Darners were the most common dragonfly flying during the day along the river shoreline. I was impressed. And got to take my first shots ever of the species. This female held as long as I wanted up under some shade on the rocky shoreline.
This is her in the slight offest angle from above. I thought she was going to be a Shadowdragon when I first saw her. 
The first pair in wheel I have ever seen also on the Buffalo at another landing downsream from the above. They were cruising continuously in the afternoons.