Dragonhunter Hagenius brevistylus

A very serious dragonfly by any definition. In fact, the largest clubtail and, as the name suggests, it does indeed specialize in snatching other dragons out of the air over clear creeks. Fearless of humans, over three inches long. Perches prominently on its creek territory and loops out in wide forays after its dragon prey. Hard to not like an animal with a face like that. Note the clear water of high Cadron Creek beyond. See also the short piece here.

Full length shot of a different female. Note the small cluster of eggs under the club tip. She was actually throwing eggs at my daughter who was in the water up to her neck. Note the impressive green eyes again and the two broad black stripes forward. Also the extreme hind leg length with no evident long spines as in the spinylegs.

The absolutely alien nymph of the Dragonhunter. Flat like a coin. About an inch long. Distinctive. Found in the clear creeks where the mama Hunters go.

This Dragonhunter was perched on the stones of the Cossatot River and was at the ready. There was a Glider flock plying the river behind her and whenever they would drift too close the Hunter would give chase. I never saw a Glider fall.

Another female and this one from Big Creek in Cleburne county in 2015. Saw several females along this creek. And they were fearless of the camera mostly.  
And a female on the Buffalo in Sept 2015 where they were common but not as common as the Fawn Darners. I am not sure the Fawns aren't capable of outmaneuvering these giants. I did not see a kill on the Buffalo on this trip.