The 102 species below are currently documented for Arkansas. Note that our Least Clubtail has become a separate species from the major population and now has the name Interior Least Clubtail. The new Spiketail is now the Ouachita Spiketail. Thanks to John Abbott for the new scientific name. Charles Mills has added several species this past year from SW AR including some clubtails and the Great Pondhawk record.

Click on the name for the present county map diagram for Arkansas. The associated records are from George Harp (black, almost all specimen documented), Herschel Raney and Eric Haley (red, sight and capture/release records), Bob Barber (yellow, sight, mostly his home county), Norm and Cheryl Lavers (green, sight, mostly northeast) and Kenny Nichols (blue, sight, mostly east and south). Recently had to add Charles Mills with his increasing dragon spotting and photo skills leading to some records in the SW part of the state. A few records are from the Heritage Commission at Grand Prairie (turquoise) and some records from Odonate Central are in turquoise as well. I believe these are mostly sight records and photo documented records. Bob Thomas in NW AR will be purple. David Arbour will be in pale yellow. Records from John Abbott's Odonate Central site are mostly new George Harp records but are marked in dark gray to separate them. And update forwarded by George Smith of Ozark-only species in 2014 now has red with white center markings. He had two other species for Arkansas which show up nowhere else in any sites or books. I have not added these. His updates added scattered Ozark counties for some species. Two-colored Bull's-eye marks otherwise show the black Harp records with a secondary observer added. I will be happy to investigate any rare sightings but cannot take sight records from other observers unless confirmed by a photo or a specimen. (For Central American travelers here is Paulson's La Selva Costa Rica list.)

Gray Petaltail Tachopteryx thoreyi

Common Green Darner Anax junius

Comet Darner Anax longipes

Regal Darner Coryphaeschna ingens

Swamp Darner Epiaeschna heros

Cyrano Darner Nasiaeschna pentacantha

Harlequin Darner Gomphaeschna furcillata

Fawn Darner Boyeria vinosa

Springtime Darner Basiaeschna janata

Shadow Darner Aeshna umbrosa

Lance-tipped Darner Aeshna constricta

Variable Darner Aeshna interrupta


Dragonhunter Hagenius brevistylus

Pronghorn Clubtail Gomphus graslinellus

Sulphur-tipped Clubtail Gomphus militaris

Rapids Clubtail Gomphus quadricolor

Ashy Clubtail Gomphus lividus

Lancet Clubtail Gomphus exilis

Oklahoma Clubtail Gomphus oklahomensis

Banner Clubtail Gomphus apomyius

Cobra Clubtail Gomphus vastus

Gulf Coast Clubtail Gomphus modestus

Ozark Clubtail Gomphus ozarkensis

Plains Clubtail Gomphus externus

Cocoa Clubtail Gomphus hybridus

Arrow Clubtail Stylurus spiniceps

Russet-tipped Clubtail Stylurus plagiatus

Laura’s Clubtail Stylurus laurae

Black-shouldered Spinyleg Dromogomphus spinosus

Flag-tailed Spinyleg Dromogomphus spoliatus

Unicorn Clubtail Arigomphus villosipes

Stillwater Clubtail Arigomphus lentulus

Jade Clubtail Arigomphus submedianus

Bayou Clubtail Arigomphus maxwelli

Interior Least Clubtail Stylogomphus sigmastylus

Common Sanddragon Progomphus obscurus

Westfall’s Snaketail Ophiogomphus westfalli

Eastern Ringtail Erpetogomphus designatus

Two-striped Forceptail Aphylla williamsoni


Twin-spotted Spiketail Cordulegaster maculata

Ouachita Spiketail Cordulegaster talaria.

Arrowhead Spiketail Cordulegaster obliqua

Stream Cruiser Didymops transversa

Gilded River Cruiser Macromia pacifica

Illinois River Cruiser Macromia illinoiensis

Allegheny River Cruiser Macromia alleghaniensis

Royal River Cruiser Macromia taeniolata

Selys’ Sundragon Helocordulia selysii

Uhler’s Sundragon Helocordulia uhleri

Prince Baskettail Epitheca princeps

Common Baskettail Epitheca cynosura

Mantled Baskettail Epitheca semiaquea

Robust Baskettail Epitheca spinosa

Slender Baskettail Epitheca costalis

Mocha Emerald Somatochlora linearis

Ozark Emerald Somatochlora ozarkensis

Clamp-tipped Emerald Somatochlora tenebrosa

Fine-lined Emerald Somatochlora filosa

Cinnamon Shadowdragon Neurocordulia virginiensis

Smoky Shadowdragon Neurocordulia molesta

Orange Shadowdragon Neurocordulia xanthosoma

Stygian Shadowdragon Neurocordulia yamaskanensis

Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa

Common Whitetail Libellula lydia

Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchella

Painted Skimmer Libellula semifasciata

Blue Corporal Libellula deplanata

Spangled Skimmer Libellula cyanea

Yellow-sided Skimmer Libellula flavida

Golden-winged Skimmer Libellula auripennis

Needham’s Skimmer Libellula needhami

Great Blue Skimmer Libellula vibrans

Slaty Skimmer Libellula incesta

Bar-winged Skimmer Libellula axilena

Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea

Blue-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum ambiguum

Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum

Autumn Meadowhawk Sympetrum vicinum

Band-winged Dragonlet Erythrodiplax umbrata

Little Blue Dragonlet Erythrodiplax minuscula

Eastern Amberwing Perithemis tenera

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis

Great Pondhawk Erythemis vesiculosa

Common Pondhawk Erythemis simplicicollis


Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens

Spot-winged Glider Pantala hymenaea

Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata

Carolina Saddlebags Tramea carolina

Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta

Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti

Hyacinth Glider Miathyria marcella


Four-spotted Pennant Brachymesia gravida

Halloween Pennant Celithemis eponina

Banded Pennant Celithemis fasciata

Calico Pennant Celithemis elisa

Ornate Pennant Celithemis ornata

Double-ringed Pennant Celithemis verna

Amanda’s Pennant Celithemis amanda


Swift Setwing Dythemis velox

Checkered Setwing Dythemis fugax

Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax

Thornbush Dasher Micrathyria hagenii