Cocoa Clubtail Gomphus hybridus

A tough and uncommon clubtail. I have seen it only in SW Arkansas where this picture was taken by Charles Mills. These are confused mainly with Cobra Clubtails but only the brown form of the Cobra which tends to occur mainly in Texas but I wouldn't rule out SW AR as having both species forms. Check the posterior segments. And the front thoracic lines tend to be thicker in the Cocoa. This is a spring species. Not likely in July and August when the Cobras are prowling. I think these are slower and less active than the Cobra but I will keep watching.

Charles Mills tops Charles Mills with this new Cocoa from the Okay Levee. Tinge of gray blue on the thorax may be a young male. Club will orange up a bit probably in a few days.

Norm and Cheryl Lavers found some in the Sunken Lands in NE Arkansas in 2011 for a new area record and county record.

And Norm's female on the same day in the NE.