Cobra Clubtail Gomphus vastus

A fine clubbed dragonfly. Likes larger rivers and lakes and the shorelines nearby. Very large club in the male adult. Often holds it high in the obelisk position. Grey green markings forward. Two forms in the male. This is the darker clubbed form, it is less marked overall.

This is a juvenile male that has not quite acquired full color. The yellows will brighten and the club will expand even more. Very nice even at this age.

A somewhat brighter dark form male from Pulaski County.

And an unusual angle and perched up position from Toadsuck in 2011.

Gulf Coast Clubtail Gomphus modestus

And in the southern part of the state you can see this species. Females in this whole group can be tough. But unless someone convinces me otherwise I think this Pine Bluff area female from Delos is modestus.