Checkered Setwing Dythemis fugax

Another Setwing. The much rarer species in Arkansas. Now found in several disparate areas, one in the NE, one in the western prairie remnants in Franklin county and also from three counties now in the SW section of the state by Charles. This is his high clarity shot. Note the large hindwing basal spots and the larger white spots overall. Same classy setwing perch position. The range runs north of Arkansas and into Texas where it can be fairly common in places.

Side shot showing the larger white pattern giving it its name. You can see the lacy hindwing spot here as well.

Charles went back and shot this male in the same area. Note the more muted white markings. The IYI mark on the side of the thorax is well seen here. The other Setwing (see page) has a YIY mark.