Carolina Saddlebags Tramea carolina

One of the two red saddles in our area. This is the one without the hole in the saddle. Tends to appear slightly larger than the Red Saddlebags (T. onusta). Both are smaller than the Black. This one prefers ponds and small lakes. It is not particular about the surroundings otherwise. Often found with Comet Darners in my area. And I have seen Comets feed on these. The white reticulation in the saddle area is striking at close range or in hand.

The fine upper close shot from Keith showing the cell alignments in the red are different from the below species and again, no keyhole.  

Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta

Compare with this Red shot where you can see the hole in the saddle loop. Note that perched this is not always visible. It can be seen in close flight. Note also the dark forehead. The Carolina tends to have some red visible there.

Even better shot of the dorsal view from Red Slough OK.

And beware the Red with wings at the angle where the keyhole is hidden.


And the male from below showing all the window holes.  
And another male from Camp Robinson proper in June 2014. Quite a few were perching on stems over the prairie field there.

Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti

The Tramea that lives mainly in TX and then travels widely in the east at the end of the summer season. Note the elongate kind of blurry dark space on the inner hindwings. And note the thoracic side stripes for which it is named. No stripes on the above other reddish species. Charles' crystal clear shot of this vagrant.