Calico Pennant Celithemis elisa

Males and females are both striking animals in this species. This is the female. The yellows are mostly replaced by reds in the male (see below). This species is smaller than the Banded Pennant but not by much. Slower flight than the Banded. Though both can zip in high speed over water territories. Males of the Calico like to perch on stem tips in open areas near ponds or lakes. Often they are very tame.

Male from SW AR.

And a male from Norm's region. I still don't have my own shot of this male. Note remarkable consistency of the spotting from one end of the state to the other.

Halloween Pennant Celithemis eponina

Halloween orange I suppose, and banded as in other members of Celithemis. This species is larger than the Calico and the Banded. Both sexes seem to enjoy posing atop stick or grass spires in open fields. They characteristically cock the wings up as shown. This is a female. Males have more strongly defined banding and a darker face and eyes. Sometimes so abundant as to be the most common dragon away from the water in some areas.

Paired Halloweens with the brighter male up top.