Blue-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum ambiguum

The end of summer group. And this is easily the most common Meadowhawk in our area. (Perhaps with the exception of eruption years for the Variegated Meadowhawk.) The males, as pictured, are almost unmistakable. The red is vibrant and they are delicate dragonflies that, like all members of the genus in my area, do the hover-and-drop touchdown landings like helicopters. Females are drab gray-green in this species. Dragonflies of wooded swamps and the nearby trails and roads. This is one of the animals that inhabits my Round Mountain property with me. And is almost worth the price of the place alone.

Male face in close up. Could have been Green-nosed Meadowhawk I suppose. Also from my land on Round Mountain.

And another male in the swamp on Round Mountain. Possibly still working into his full red color.

And not sure what this male was up to. Kept flexing into this position and then straightening.

Females were swarming this spring day on my land. In summer they are my commonest local dragon. Far outnumbering any others. Plainer and orangish compared to adult males. Sometimes almost grayish.

And the wheel pair in my swamp. Terminal female genitalia pressed to males.