Black-shouldered Spinyleg Dromogomphus spinosus

One of the two Dromogomphus in the state. Spinylegs are known for, well, those spiny legs. You can see them here on the hind leg. They have one long spine every fifth or sixth on the leg margin. And that is a very long hindleg to boot. Note the very black and wide shoulder stripe in this species which gives it its name. These are aggressive feeders. Often run over the water surface fast and low and then stop and hover. The male club is very prominent.

And the closest I have gotten to this species. Showed up in my yard and looked fairly freshly emerged. Bumblebee bright yellows and dark browns. One of our fine local dragons. Happy to have them in my yard, though they are fairly ferocious butterfly eaters.

And the pullback shot of the full length on this same male. Distinctive black/yellow division up front.

TThe 2017 version male from Bell. Crisp colors. Likely was hunting butterflies.
TThe top view of a female from Cleburne county where many of them were hauning the road cuts. You can see the hind leg spine row against the leaf surface.

The female away from water. And the more rounded club with thicker abdomen overall. Still easily recognizable.