Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata

The adult Black is the big dark saddle of virtually everywhere in summer. Dark purples and blacks in the adults with a taillight of cream or yellow in the posterior abdomen (visible here and in flight). Inhabits open areas of all types including parking lots and yards. Sometimes in large concentrations. Tends to migrate southward toward the end of summer and often has some late emergence into nearly the frost and freeze time in my area. Identifiable at long range by the large "saddle" in the wings.

A juvenile I found hiding inside a stand of Thalia in the heat of the day. Not as far along in the aging process than the above dragon. Note the eyes have not quite matured to the dark of the adult.

A freshly emerged juvenile Black. You can see the wings are not fully stiffened and the face is not inflated. The taillight spot is brighter in the youngest individuals (seen distally here).