Bayou Clubtail Arigomphus maxwelli

Final of the Arigomphids in the state. This is the black-clubbed Bayou. Note the pale cerci. This species does seem to truly love slow flowing waters and muddy creeks. I have them at Bell Slough along the puttering Palarm. This is from Hempstead county from Charles Mills. Crystal clear male shot as usual. I have never personally seen a female.

From Bell Slough. Another male along a minimal secondary drainage that was puddle-gap-puddle. Note the dark terminus and overall different flight and attitude from Jade. 

Same dragon showing the much more lined thorax. And it is a different green from the Jade. 

Close up of the velvety black terminus. 

And Norm's topside of the female showing the tapered club and female terminus. Paler thorax.