Amanda's Pennant Celithemis amanda

A young male here from Georgia. Very similar to the appearance and flight style of the Calico Pennant. Very fast wing beats and likes to hover and drop onto low plants. These were well away from any open water. The female Faded Pennant has much less yellow on the wings and has more thoracic markings. The male is deep red with large dark red saddles on the hindwings. Amanda's has been collected in one southern Arkansas county.


And another young male from the south Arkansas group that the Baldwin's have found and photographed. The wing patches are beginning to redden somewhat in this male. No reddening in the abdominal spots yet.

And a female to compare. Also from Arkansas. Not sure the forewing spot prominence is consistent. Similar beautiful hindwing pattern however.  

Ornate Pennant Celithemis ornata

The first records of Ornate (formerly Faded) Pennants from Calhoun county also by Rusty and Anne Baldwin, who took some fine shots of both sexes. The maps had edged up close to SW Arkansas and I keep expecting Charles Mills to find one. What fine males.

Male from another angle, same first record group. Thin bodied things with dark legs and head structures.

Compare the female with the above Amandas and also see our common Celithemis.

The side shot female and that "fish-shaped" forward yellow line seems consistent. Very clear forewings and very reduced hindwing marks.

And Eric's older shot of the Ornate female from the SE showing the same thoracic yellow markings and the yellow veining in the hindwing spots.  

Banded Pennant Celithemis fasciata

A strongly marked member of this colorful genus. Oldest males are almost completely dark posteriorly. I've found heavy concentrations of these guys in shallow lake margins but generally they are scattered otherwise. This individual was in the middle of a cut field. I saw no evidence of any nearby love interests.

A female, and a much higher quality shot from David Arbour in Johnson county. Compare with female Celithemis elisa.