Susu again from the old cam. And this bird only made a few appearances in spring. This is the Yellow-legged Thrush. They were seen on the Regua cam and then suddenly appeared for a few short weeks on Luck's yard feeder. A very black Turdus species with a pale eye ring and very yellow bill. All four of the thrushes that appear on the yard cam in fact are in the genus Turdus and related to our familiar north American Robin. This bird is coming more often to Luck's new location feeder in 2015.

And the sneaky dark thrush on Itam's camera. Showed frequently there in winter in 2011. Fairly shy of other birds and frankly frightened of the Pale-breasted Thrush.

Here on Itam camera we see the Yellow-legged to the left far side and a Pale-breasted on the near side with a big foreground Palm Tanager.

Lesley shot of the Yellow-legged giving the cam a going over. Selecting rice.
Lesley finding a sunbathing event in this dark thrush.