The Violet-capped Woodnymph has a distinctive male and a female that is one of the harder hummers to identify in Luck's yard. That is the male on the tray feeder. And this is the female with her back to us. I think van Perlo has the tail wrong on the female. When in near neutral position like this it has a significant dent in it. The male is all reflective greens on the belly with a blue-purple cap.

The female is perched again here on the right. She has a fairly clear belly and a pale cheek. You can just see the white lateral tail tips here. That is the male flying up from behind. Again, green with a dark cap. You cannot see his long tail here.

The male in flight from Marcia Braga's fast finger again. You can see the right half of his spread swallowtail here. And the very purple cap offset against that emerald belly. Compare the size, which is much smaller than the Sombre feeding to the left.

The profile of the male showing the tail length. Not nearly the length of the Swallowtailed Hummingbird but much longer than any other species here.

The male tail from the rear. Showing the deep indention, even when closed. That is the male Black-throated Mango right that is much bigger in the body. And a 10 cm Bananaquit to the left.

The female again showing the well defined lateral tail tips. And you can see the clear belly line here as well.

And Marcia's even better full tail spread shot. Again the well defined tips are seen and the shape of the outer feathers shows some clubbing. Also note the short central tail feathers which when collapsed will be indented centrally.

And a night lit shot of the female to the left. Much cleaner white-gray belly and throat than the Versicoloured Emerald. And note the clear cheeks and relative small size. Actually slightly larger than the Versi.

A lateral at the feeder of a female showing the pale over green combination and the relatively long wings proportionally.

A double female shot of the Woodnymph femeas. Showing the small size and the strong white tail tips.

And a shimmering female Woodnymph with a straight-across Glittering-throated. 

And a male showing all the green of the belly in the light. And his fine violet head gear. Marcia Braga's shot.