There are three Euphonias that come to Luck's feeders and this is the most common by a landslide. This is the Violaceous Euphonia. Both of these are males. They look like short stubby tanagers and that back in good light shows sheens of purples and reds and blues. Note the larger yellow forehead marking and the pure yellow throat and chin. This is susu's shot.

The foreground birds are another male and a female Violaceous here. And susu's capture of the Ruby-crowned Tanager male in the background flashing his Ruby. Apparently everyone involved here is a bit angry. Compare the female Violaceous with the females of the Green-chinned and Chestnut-bellied.

The close shot of the male. Nicely showing the reflective colors and the large forehead yellow patch.

The banana going down and who is going to stop me Euphonia. Bold birds on the feeder for their featherweight class.