The Versi as we call them or Versicoloured Emerald. It is in Amazilia, the big genus, with some controversy. Note the reflective facial color patch which is not always easy to see here. See Luck's Multiply shot. Both sexes are essentially alike. Thought I suspect this is because people have not watched closely enough. Beak may have some slight basal orange, but certainly not as orange as the Glittering-bellied Emerald which is not common in Luck's yard.

The reflections gone here though you can still see the nice central white throat stripe. Note the green that comes into the flanks and cheek and sides of the throat. This separates if from the female Woodnymph and the Glittering-throated. The tail of the Versi has only the slightest hints of pale tips, slight half moons if you will. No white defined points as in the Woodnymph female tail.

The wings extended, this smallest of the common hummers does come to claim its share. You can see the braod green reflective cheeks here.