The Swallow-tailed Hummingbird is distinct and frankly amazing. In its own genus Eupetomena, nothing else can fool you except a quick flash of the much smaller male Violet-capped Woodnymph. We are still trying to get some shots of this bird that barely fits in the screen at 17 cm tail and all. Impressive long scissored tail and the Portuguese name for this bird roughly translates into ''flower-kisser-with-the-big-scissors.'' Tesoura being the Portuguese word for scissors. Both sexes have the impressive tail and the blue head. Compare the tail here with the shot below. I think this is not a full developed length. See also a couple of Luck shots here. This is Marcia Braga's shot. That is a Mango on the far side.

The dark knight. Or something like that. Coming to the feeder in the lights at dusk. One of the several species that seem to do this.

Shot showing really only the long tail profile. I think the whole bird is here. You cannot make out the often sharp line between the blue head and the greenish belly. Tail is all dark black-blue.

And partial spread tail from Marcia. 

And the tongue tip exposed on the big scissor. From Marcia also. 

And the underside of the wide forked tail. You can see how it layers back longer and longer as you go out.  From Marcia.