The Speckled Chachalaca is a half sized Guan relation. They look like large short tailed pheasants really. Actively come to the bananas specifically. They are a subspecies separate from the other populations and look so different I can't imagine they aren't a distinct species. They are known as the Scaly Chachalaca by some authorities. Most small birds, as when Guans are present, stay away at Chacha feeding time.

Marcia's shot of another pair. These show more brown tones in this light. And that hawkish bill. 

Marcia's shot also of another pair with some feeding behavior that may be pair bonding. Also nicely shows the full size and the tail proportions.

Camera one pair again. In July these are now daily visitors.

In Ecuador at the old camera 2 you could see the Rufous-headed Chachalacas and hear them. (They can be noisy there.) Hard to see the rufous color on the head there. They are long-tailed and pale bellied. Much more elongate than Speckleds. They also have some rufous in the wings and the distal tips of that grand tail.