The big Hermit species in Luck's yard is the Saw-billed Hermit. It is in its own genus and is one of the largest hummingbirds there. It is shy and never lands on the feeder (I have seen it perch once). See the beautiful Luck Multiply shot here. Made of creams and blacks and oranges and whites, it is not easily mistaken for another bird here. The tail is a broad oval with cream on either side. Always in motion, we will try for some better screenshots as we go. You can see in the sun the orange facial blaze here. This is Marcia Braga's shot.

Still trying for the best shot. Showing the nice dark belly banding. This is another of Marcia's shots.

The sunshine again from the right side of the feeder, the hermit's favorite side. This is from Susu's finger. Note the mask and the eye stripe.

The bird in slow pieces. Tail flared here almost well defined. The dark lines deepened. Sombre getting fat on the far side.

Even nicer facial freeze. Orange cheek and high eyeliner above. And that really impressive long curved hermit beak. Marcia's shot.