The now famous susu shot of top up Ruby macho. This is the Ruby-crowned Tanager. It is in the genus Tachyphonus, and separate from the big Thraupis and the smaller Tangaras. You don't see the red that often. This bird just looks like and elongate tanager that is all dressed in reflective blacks. Fairly common on camera 3 as well. Male and female Violaceous Euphonia in the front. I think the male is yelling BONNGOOOO susu.

This shot also from susu with a Ruby-crowned pile up of some sorts. These are both males. Note the dark legs and dark beak. They do have some white in the wing linings which some fast finger will have to catch. The left bird has his top up but not visibly red from this angle. Here is Luck's female on Multiply.

This is the female at camera 3. Similar but smaller and trimmer to the Brazilian Tanager female. Beak is less impressive and less aggressive overall.

The juveniles with their patchwork quilt of feather darkening. Azure winged and a Greenie for good measure. Shot also from Lesley.