The white dagger with the sleak black coat is the Red-rumped Cacique. Several species in Brazil, but this is the dominant species in SE Brazil. They are related to the Oropendolas, though not as social. They weave beautiful basket nests. Often near human habitations for the protection this affords from raptors. This bird is not well pictured in van Perlo's Birds of Brazil. He weakens the beak too much for me. When these hit the feeder tray they generally clear the area and other birds are allowed to feed on the edges, sometimes. A gutsy Sayaca here getting a bit close. This is Marcia "Fastfinger" Braga's shot again.

The glimpse of the red rump patch here. The eye is blue in good light which you can almost see here. Plain Parakeets know how to hold their ground as well. But an aggressive Cacique will feed alone after some choice stabs in all compass directions. Marcia's shot once more.

The close cam 2 Cacique eating some red banana. Open beak and red mouth lining. Mama Dacnis in the back.

Good old camera 1, where the Caciques often appear 4 and 5 at a time in July.