The Plain Parakeet is certainly Luck's most common Psittacid. They sometimes come in gangs as you see. Generally outside of breeding season. They like to take over the banana pile. Highly animated and attentive things, like most of the parrot relations.

This shot from Marcia Braga shows one checking out the fruit landing pad before coming for a snack.

The parakeet pair working the bananas again. And they definitely prefer banana over any other offering here. Right side you can see a female Blue Dacnis again and far right is a Bananaquit.

The great light on camera 2 at Luck's with a duo of keets on the right.

The camera 2 light again with a trio.

And on the REGUA camera, the Parakeet species is always the Maroon-bellied Parakeet (or Conure). These are in the genus Pyrrhura. They are common visitors in the winter season in Brazil. At Luck's new site he has had Maroons flying over. None on the feeders yet.