The Susu Bird otherwise known as the Greater Kiskadee (yes, there is a Lesser). Marcia Braga's capture of the inquisitive look, or perhaps the don't-make-me-come-through-that-window look. The Social Flycatcher does come in Luck's yard as well and it is smaller with a smaller beak than this bird. It is far rarer on the camera. One of the few flycatchers that will come and eat fruit though Kiskadees are much more omnivorous than some of the other flycatchers.

The Beeg boy again holding off Palm Tanagers.

The amazing shot from Lesley Z. of the Kiskadee in conflict and showing his topknot colors on the right. Very impressive shot only appreciated the most by those who have sat with their finger hovering over the screenshot button.

The big guy on the fruit at camera 3 having a good look around.

The masked one with something to say. Insert your comment. "SUSUUUUUUUUUUUUU."

A rare pair event on cam 1. Mister Big Stuff times two.