Dusky-legged Guan is one of the larger birds on any of the cams. And they favored Luck's yard station in July and August but likely can show up about any time. The group of four birds would often come together. And Marcia Braga captured one feeding alone after dusk. The females probably are more strongly streaked. The other Penelope species in southern Brazil Rusty-margined Guan, has not appeared in Luck's yard.

And a solo bird on camera 1, which is the norm for Winter. This is likely the female. And they usually eat everything they can. 

And the whole family in a December shot. Almost a daily event when the chicks were big enough to leap up on the table. 

Almost pests at the bananas at the new site. The cam clarity is very good. Handsome birdzillas anyway.

Always hard on the images from now defunct Regua cam, but this is the closely related Rusty-margined Guan that appears there, often at dusk. They have a strong eyebrow line and paler breast feather edgings overall.