The tanager pile up. These are Tangara genus tanagers, a large genus in south America. You can see the Green-headeds best to the left side. You can also see that despite the name Green-head the head is mostly blue and the neck or nape is mostly green. You can see one Red-necked Tanager in the center. Same size and body shape, just with the green nape replaced by red. The red-necks also show an orange yellow rump patch when at the right angle. Both species can appear in flocks and mix easily. You can see some female Blue Dacnis to the right. This is also susu's shot. See Luck's Multiply shot for detailed colors.

The first spotted youngster of 2010 in Sept. Susu and Marcia spotted it and Marcia shot it here. Note adult to the left putting banana in the mouth of the all green babe. Another adult, likely in the pair, to the right.

The finest shot we have of these tanagers from a close up by Marcia Braga, requiring some assist from the Luck zooming skills.

Also Marcia's shot on camera 3 showing some of the orange rump and rear flank.

And on Luck's nice camera 2 a single bird in foreground. Nice adult.