The Glittering-throated Emerald is often the late afternoon bird though it comes throughout the day. This is one in flight to the left. In the best light the throat is a reflective flash of emerald. And the cheek patches have some blue sometimes like the Versicoloured. Pure white belly that comes up and ends in a sharp white point below the throat. Sexes pretty similar. Tail is squared and essentially dark to the tips. Beak slightly curved and this bird is bigger than the Versi but you can see a Sombre on the right here for comparison otherwise.

This is Marcia Braga's shot of another in flight to the right. Note how you can see the very white vent all the way to the tail feathers beneath. This is a Mango to the left for size. 

The perched bird to the left is the Glittering-throated (GTE). Shows the fairly long wings and how at the right angle the white beneath almost disappears. Another Sombre to the far right. Blur in the middle.  

The perched GTE on the left showing the V of the white and the very prominent white point of the vent above the tail. Female Mango in flight to the right here. See Luck's detailed belly shot here.

The cam 2 shot with a flared tail and belly shot. Probably the second most common hummer on 2 during July after the Sombres. They like to sneak in just before dark as well. With the sound on the camera they have a distinctive chitter noise.