The slightly smaller Creamy-bellied Thrush, also in Turdus, as are all the thrushes here. Brighter yellow beak is helpful. Never shows any reddening under the belly. Just looks made up of gray tones. Note the gray legs. The Slaty Thrush has yellow legs and has not been seen on Luck's cam yet. Note also the male and two female Blue Dacnis here for size comparison. Blue Dacnis are about 12 cm birds (just under five inches).

The camera 2 shot from Lesley which shows the clean breast, pale legs and dark throat markings. 

This is a species that may show up in Luck's yard but can be seen for now on the Itamambuca camera 3. It is the Pale-breasted Thrush. Turdus leucomelas. They should have Creamy-bellies there too but this bird seems to show up more often. I have not seen a Creamy on cam 3. Note the contrast gray head and the more rufous wings.

A bit closer shot of the Pale-breasted. Often aggressive to the other birds and poorly tolerant of any other Turdus species.