Much redder than just about anything else at Luck's feeder tray in the yard. This is the male Brazilian Tanager to the left, trying to stay his distance from the swarm of Palm Tanagers on the other side. 

Susu's shot showing the bright beak mark. And this is the bird that appeared to have some feather anomaly or injury on the flank. Nice fresh fruit pile too. 

I think that is fuzzy side again, in close up on Luck's fruit. Nice colors. Part banana in beak and part white beak marking. 

Possibly the contender for the toughest bird over bananas award are the female Brazilians. She is perched to the left here on the banana bunch. She is an orange rust with dark wings and has the strong tanager bill. Note the very nice Golden-chevroned Tanager in the center, a Palm Tanager left and right of the Brazilian and the big Rufous-bellied Thrush to the right. 

The younger males have female colors and the strongly marked beak with the white patch. Enjoying some banana on camera 3.