The Blue Dacnis is surely in the top five most common visitors at Luck's yard and they attend both fruit and nectar offerings. The male is, well, blue with some black, you can see one to the right on one atop the bananas here. That is a female on the left side of the banana mound. She has some blue-gray on the head and is otherwise fairly uniform green. The far left bird is another Violaceous Euphonia and you can just see the head of a Saffron Finch in the valley between bananas.

The banana confirmation looks suspiciously similar to the above. Must have been the same day. Below the big Creamy-bellied Thrush are two female Blue Dacnis and one male.

The occasional nectar feeding Dacnis. This is another handsome male. Strong eye mask. Quite a bit bigger than Bananaquits. 

The close up solo female showing the nice blue head tinting. And the Dacnis beak.