Marcia once again with the fast fingers captured the rare appearance of the Black-goggled Tanagers. This is the female on the right. Note the sharp contrast between the creamy belly and darker back. Unlike most of the other tanagers here.

Ignore the thrush in the center, the male Black-goggled is the bird peering through the leaves on the left in the lower shot. Note the mask and the creamy belly. That is a Sayaca Tanager on the bamboo top.

That would be the expressive look of the male Black-goggled. He did not seem to care for Ruby-crowns. Or really any other tanager. Quite the golden hairdo. This tanager is much more common at the new site and is sometimes continuously present, though the adult males are less frequent. 
The females and likely some juveniles of both sexes seem to be everywhere at the new cam. Down front here. Wings always look darker. Smaller than the trio of Ruby-crowns here.