Zabulon Skipper Poanes zabulon

The Golden Creek Skipper in my book. Always near water. Beautiful glowing gold outside and orange-gold on the inside. The female is dark and mimics a Clouded Skipper except for the orange inside. Male Zabs will be all over you on the creeks in summer. Sometimes perching on hats, heads, nets and shoulders for good views of their territory. Females are not likely to be seen in the same areas. They are lurkers just away from the water. Males could be confused with Delaware or Fiery Skippers until viewed closely.

Rear view of an open displaying male. Nothing else has this color and marking pattern.

Male, full exterior shot showing the golden and red mix.

Male again at Bell in 2017 in the full territorial alertness mode, zipping out at anything and zinging back to the same leaf. Fast orange rockets in this mode.  

Frontal view of the lovely female Zab. She is very silvered on the outside like a Clouded Skipper but rich orange on the inside. A distinctive combination. They are much less often seen than the males. Tending to perch up in the brushy areas away from the water where the males love to zing around. Another fine shot from Bob Barber.

Female Zabulon exterior shot showing the hindwing frosted edge and the rich reddish tones.

And a female Zabulon from Rose in north Arkansas. Very similar to my more central AR specimen. Rose may have caught a nicer perch.

And my quest for the perfect female shot continued. Saw her on my Brazilian verbena in my yard on Round Mountain and ran in for the camera. And she had vanished. I stood for a minute and she zinged in and landed on my cedar in the sunlight. I shot like a mad sniper. Fresh colors.  
SSShe flexed and stretched that proboscis. One of my favorite skippers.