Yehl Skipper Poanes yehl

This is a wet area denizen. I have found them only along wooded creeks but they reportedly enjoy a nice swamp as well. The previous common name in fact was Southern Swamp Skipper. I have yet to find one in Bell Slough's swampy areas. Probably uses cane, Arundinaria, for its foodplant. Not really common in the state. The ones I have seen were wary and often perched over the water.

A fine exterior of the Yehl showing the broken spot line and rich dark orange.

And one from Camp Robinson on the lake edge.

Almost an alternate version of the Yehl. With diminished ray and decreased spot line. From northern Pope county.

And the triumphant Yehl that Norm had forgotten from his yard which was species 96 for the county, bringing the world back in line for a bit.