Wild Indigo Duskywing Erynnis baptisiae

Another damn Duskywing? Stop it. A "spotted" Duskywing that often has very poor spots. As in this individual. Fortunately the Wild Indigo occurs mostly after the spring spotless Duskywings have vanished from the earth. And this is a much larger butterfly than the Dreamy. The Horace's Duskywing is the only confuser and a Horace's female this bright should have marked white spotting at the wrist and beyond. You can always just say "nice Duskywing" and move on. Many do.

I am told by a better butterflier than me that this is a darker individual of the Wild Indigo Duskywing. Wild Indigos are very similar to Zaruccos. Though I am not convinced yet I can tell them apart. I will let you know when I shoot a Zarucco. Both apparently have very little of the gray overscaling of the Horace's. Note how much more defined the spot line is in this individual than the above. As always, be very careful about identifying creatures in this genus by visual characters alone.

And Rose's June 2012 Wild Indigo from Marion county. Very fresh when most Horace's would start being a bit rattled and absolutely no sign of inner spotting on the forewing or lower spot rows on the outer forewing.