Swarthy Skipper Nastra lherminier

A small bluestem grass (Andropogon) loving butterfly which is at times common. Tends to pop up in powerline cuts where this one was located. Very plain with white vein highlights especially in the hindwing and an overall dull brownish on the inside. Flies like a Least Skipper but away from the aquatic habitats. This butterfly never shows orange of any type.

A Swarthy pair "in delectado" one might say. This shot shows the pale veining on this small butterfly of the grassy places.

Shot revealing the plain interior with copper and brown tones. The edges are always slightly paler than the base color.

Morning September dew shot. This one from Point Remove. Exterior lining seen on this slightly worn individual. Plain but likable.

Really fresh edges here. Again the dull coloration that always highlights the lighter veins. It is a smallish skipper, always near open grass but does make yard appearances.  A tough skipper to ID until you have seen an array of species.