Striped Hairstreak Satyrium liparops

The widest striped of the wide-striped hairstreaks, if you know what I mean. This is a female. The male is blacker based and has less contrast. Both sexes are striking butterflies. This is the loner of the Satyrium group. I have never seen more than one individual at a time and they seem to show up unexpectedly. Can be found with the other spring hairstreaks. And occurs in May and then is gone. Not common anywhere in my area. The one below is from 2007 in Norm's area. Another big Hairstreak year.

The local version from the boom year of 2007 as well. From Petit Jean where the Banded Hairstreaks were literally everywhere.

The second one I have seen on my Round Mountain property. May 2014. Flew down while I was checking my swamp. It was near one of my cherry trees. stayed long enough for shots and wandered. Most years they are just miracle events.
Flew up as always like a sudden creation in the Richland creek area of Newton county. Late June 2014. Note the lowest spot with blue is missing like a bird took it. Actively danced across the leaf tops.