Southern Pearly-eye Enodia portlandia

That other Pearly-eye in the south. Much less common than the Northern. I have never seen more than two or three of this species in a day. You can sometimes find twenty or more Northerns in good Chasmanthium habitat at a time.

Compare the antennae on this Southern which shows the continuous orange on the bulb. The Southern also has less spotting in the dark centers of the eyes but this is not reliable. Note the four spots on the forewing in this individual. I find these butterflies to be shy compared to the Northern. And with a less active flight habit.

A stunning individual of the golden form of the Southern Pearly-eye. The Northern does not have this form. Experts appear to disagree on which part of the range this form occurs in. We can say for certain it occurs in central Arkansas.

Not sure of the genetics involved. If someone is sure send me a note. Scott has no comment. And he also splits the Southern into two distinct subspecies based on forewing eyespots. The above two individual shots were both taken in central Arkansas, so I am not sure I believe the eye spot separation either. Note again the all gold antennae clubs. The picture of this form in Glassberg's popular Butterflies Through Binoculars the East is the worst shot in the entire book. Please, Mister Glassberg, give me a call and you can borrow this shot.

And years later Keith Newton has one in Calhoun county. And a fine one on window glass. (Also much better shot than Glassberg's). Richer golden orange in the hind wing spots even than mine. 
A peak even into the inside. I have never seen another golden form since the shot above Keith's. This must certainly be only one for me in over 15 years.