Sleepy Duskywing Erynnis brizo

Exterior view of a fresh Sleepy. This is a springtime specialty and one of the "unspotted" Duskywings. This referring to the upper forewings which do not have the white spot arrays of the Juvenal's and Horace's Duskywings. The other unspotted Duskywing butterfly, the Dreamy, is much less common and associated closely with its host plant the Black Locust tree. The Sleepy caterpillars feed on oak trees and are much more widespread in the Arkansas woodlands. Still much less common in spring than the spotted Duskywing species. Often found together in favorite mudding locations.

Interior partial view of same fresh Sleepy for now. I sometimes miss Sleepy's altogether in a busy year.

Interior view full from Bob which should be compared with the Dreamy. Would be difficult in Arkansas to confuse with anything else. This is a male.