Sleepy Orange Eurema nicippe

The very orangest sulphur in Arkansas. Flies somewhat more floppily than the Colias sulphurs. Always less common in Arkansas. No spot on the hindwing as in the Orange Sulphur or Clouded. And The Sleepy has a much broader black margin than the Orange Sulphur as well. Generally this butterfly has that faint slant of dark on the hindwing in all its forms. Has two seasonal variations and this is the dry season form. Shot from E Delos McCauley.

The wet season or summer form in a side by side shot from Bob Barber. Brighter yellows, but still with the rich orange on the inside. The hindwing mark is variable in extent.

Another summer form Orange. Mudding with many other Little Yellows at Camp. The large brown margin spot is consistent.

The caterpillar of the Sleepy. Rather greensish and nondistinct but for that white line. 

The unusually shaped fresh pupa of the Sleepy Orange from Norm's area. 

The same pupa with the colors of the Sleepy Orange shining through.

The emergent and fresh Sleepy Orange exited.

The rarer vagrant and Texas area member of the same genus, the Tailed Orange.