Silvery Checkerspot Chlosyne nycteis

The commonest Checkerspot in Arkansas. Sometimes locally abundant. Seems to love yellow blooms. Found a jumping spider once that was sucking one Checkerspot dry and had a pile of wings and husks below her sunflower stalk from her recent work. One of the two butterflies my daughter and I successfully raised in the yard and released. Uses Rudbeckia and Helianthus and other composites. Note the much decreased spotting on the outer forewing compared to the Gorgone Checkerspot.

The largest Checkerspot I have ever seen. Almost Variegated Frit sized. Some wear on the wings even in early May. Note the differences, though subtle, from the above open shot.

The half open shot from Bell Slough in 2017 on the count where we had quite a few fresh Silvery Checks. 
The creation of further Checkerspots. At Bell Slough. On a day of the 2015 butterfly count when this species was almost 20 % of all butterlies seen that day. Any we flushed had to go through the guantlet of avoiding all the dragonflies we saw.  

The cat is dark and spotty and very spiny. Don't know what it is doing crawling around on this oak leaf. Wandering towards real food I suppose.

The western Chlosyne group is diverse and confusing. Note the heavier blocking patterns compared with our Chlosyne species (Gorgone and Silvery). This was in the Rockies of Colorado. After much staring and trying to turn it into a Rockslide Checkerspot, I think it is just one of the variable Northern Checkerspots.