Sachem Atalopedes campestris

Competes with the Fiery Skipper as the most common in Arkansas. Also loves yards and gardens. Males and females are somewhat different. This female shows the white chevron block pattern which can be very bright or barely noticeable. This one was on a butterfly bush in my yard that pulls Sachems down from the heavens like a magnet. When I realized I did not have a female Sachem shot I walked straight there and had over twenty around me for my choosing.

Male Sachems are very variable as well. This one shows the orange pattern laced with the usual smudgey darkenings (or something like that). Confusing to many but the pattern is generally close to this with a diamond or triangle of orange bordered by the shadowed areas. Inside, the open-winged male has a large dark orb centrally which is very characteristic of this butterfly. Larger than the Fiery Skippers which it competes with for nectar sites in virtually every yard in the southern US.

Female upperside showing the white sharktooth markings and orange pattern that defines them. They retain the suggestion of the males large dark spot but often have less orange than this individual.

Male with the black void around the stigma which sits in the midst of all the surrounding orange which makes it unlike all other orange skippers in Arkansas.

And a fresh April male on blackberry blooms with the dark box visible inside.