Red-banded Hairstreak Calycopis cecrops

Appears smaller than many of the other Hairstreaks (except Juniper). The prominent red band is definitive in the east. Texas has the Groundstreak species (Calycopis isobeon) which is very similar. A spastic flier. Hard to relocate sometimes when it whips away in a swirl out of sight. Loves Goldenrod and Bush Clover (Lespedeza). In the fall this and the Gray Hairstreak are the late lingerers.

Tom's closeup of a fresh RBH with intact tails and bright forward banding on the wings.

Rose's shot of one egglaying in what appears to be sandy soil directly. Not where I expected eggs in this species. It is listed as eating Sumac as a cat. Though I am not sure I have seen the cat. 

The Texas Groundstreak species mentioned above which likely does not stray into Arkansas but makes things difficult in southern coastal Texas.