Cloudless Sulphur Phoebis sennae

The big fast sulphur of all summer long in Arkansas. More than twice the size of the Little Yellow. Males are almost a pure glowing lemon yellow on the outside. The females (perched here) are much more marked. Loves red blooms especially Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinalis. Makes quite a contrast when nectaring on such flowers. A mass puddler sometimes with other yellows and blues. 

The pure exterior of the Cloudless which is rarely orange in any form. Sometimes almost lime green. Only the males are this clean. Females always have some evidence of a jagged shadow line extending toward the top corner of the forewing.

The dew laden chrysalis of the Cloudless from Calhoun county.  

Orange-barred Sulphur Phoebis philea

The other two large Phoebis sulphurs are both stragglers to Arkansas. They should be watched for in late summer and fall. This is a highly marked female. Note the orange and red-brown suffusion. I have never seen a Cloudless of this color.

Large Orange Sulphur Phoebis agarithe

The other straggler. Not sure which sex this is but it is likely a female as well. Both sexes have at least a hint of that straight bar line running to the top of the forewing. Males almost always orange. Females are all over the yellow to white map.

The detailed side image from the Lavers. More local. Though frankly I have forgotten where they shot this.