Phaon Crescent Phyciodes phaon

This is the other Crescent. The Pearl is far more widespread and common. The Phaon likes grassy or flat areas near water that contain its foodplant Lippia, the Fogfruit. Can mass in impressive numbers in a good area. That pale band across the forewing is a good character. It is shining bright in this one while he frisks his Coreopsis, a Beggar Lice species.

The open Phaon showing the cream or white inner band on the forewing.

And very handily nectaring on Fog fruit here in the sandy beach at Holla Bend. Nectaring on the birth plant is definitely handy and not that common if I try and think of other species doing this.

Compare the open Phaon from Holla Bend with Bob's above.