Painted Lady Vanessa cardui

The other Lady. The migratory one. A bit larger and more flashy. Four spots on the exterior hindwing instead of two (you can see them here). Never has the small dot of white on the forewing orange. Has boom years. 2003 was a boom year. Really a fine, fast flying, yard-loving butterfly.

Close-up of the exterior. And, no, it is not stuck on the flower. An invisible crab spider has it in its clutches. Note the striking yellows and blues in the hindwing that you don't notice when it is fluttering around on the flowers. The American Lady lacks that red flush on the wing. This one has five spots in the wing row.



The spiky cat Lady, or something like that. Varies in color all the way to black. All have that zagging pale line down the side. Compare with Admiral and Question Mark cats.



The chrysalis. More decorated than the Monarch. And less than other brushfoots. Note the spiny rows down the outside. And the intricate creams and reds.

Just post emergence. Folded wings showing the bright red of the Painted. Wing inflation underway. Very nice Stink bug relation in the upper right.



And as fresh as you can get on the outside. Empty chrys on the right. Painted four-spotted hindwing visible for comparison with the American double spotted. This lady is ready for launch.