Orange Sulphur Colias eurytheme

The common field sulphur in Arkansas. Ranges in color from white to yellow to orange. Difficult to separate from the Clouded Sulphur which is never orange. Clouded usually lacks the prominent dots seen here on the posterior hindwing but this is not a perfect character. Note the striking eyes in this fine closeup. Can be mistaken for a Dogface on the outside but one can often see the dog silhouette peeking through on those. The Dogface has a much smaller central hindwing spot and usually some pink blush along the veins. This species can reach literally uncountable numbers over fields in late summer.

In late summer we get some of the large female pale forms. Smaller pale forms occur earlier in the year but I never see these big females early. They are larger than Dogfaces and seem to have a bigger and floppier flight than the early forms. They are essentially white and black on the inside. Cloudeds can show up in my area in late summer but they never have this much darkening on the forewing.

I think Rose waits around near excellent perches just to top my shots on background and composition. I may block her email from now on dammit.

In late February David Oakley shot this fresh Sulphur in NW AR. This is almost certainly a freshly emerged Clouded Sulphur at this very early date and with this visible forewing hind margin coloration. Some of the late summer forms can be tricky but this one is nicely marked.