Meske's Skipper Hesperia meskei

A rare skipper in Arkansas found only in a few central counties in this isolated "island" colony. The map is patchy on this creature and it may be found in other bluestem areas that are not currently known to harbor them. Note the darker tones in the upper wing with the oval dark window. Also the reverse zag of lighter color on the hindwing. This is a fast orange skipper. The second brood is very late. And often this September skipper has the flowers to itself near the bluestems. In spring it is with the bluestem loving Cobwebs and Dusteds in my area. Both are darker and smaller.

Another Meske's individual from an adjacent county. Likely from an unknown colony site. Found on this rocky roadside. Spotted it zinging from the car. This one is richer orange but still with the classic features.

Spring Meske's on Pale Coneflower, Echinacea pallida. Shows the pattern of the forewing interior. Resembles the pattern in the Yehl Skipper somewhat.

October Meske's on Goldenrod. This is an interior of the female. A little beat up but the pattern is good.