Little Yellow Eurema lisa

The champion mudpuddler along with the Pearl Crescent and Eastern Tailed-Blue. This Yellow can be very white sometimes. These are both males. Females have large spots and sometimes some brownish tinge to the spots. The open wings of both sexes have a wide black crescentic margin like an Orange Sulphur. In most of the east this is an easy butterfly to identify. In Florida it is not. But the Dina and the Mimosa are rare except in extreme Florida.

The close side shot of an individual admiring some horse dung. Not the reduced spotting here. Sexes very variable on spotting.

And a May 2012 Little fondling my wife's Coreopsis.

The blurred but effective open inside of the yellow. They never open their wings when perched. So you get them flying or you find one clutched by a crab spider.