Little Glassywing Pompeius verna

Never common in Arkansas but often seen. Frequently nectaring in open areas. This one caught nectaring on my watch along a mountain stream among Zabulon Skippers. I suppose this is a good way to get your daily platinum and aluminum requirements. Not sure. But this one did not want to leave. Note the large white square (the glassy pane) on the exterior forewing. This is a very good mark for this otherwise small and indistinct butterfly. Plain dusty brown on the outside with a visible line on the hindwing sometimes. Can be mistaken for the Dun Skipper but is smaller and the Dun never has the pane of white.

Tom's fine open shot. This one with some creamy browns. Note again the large window of "glass."

Almost a variant window shape here with a notch at the back. Still with the dark ground color. Note the array of color above with green at top from the Ozarks, orange from Tom in central Arkansas and then dark brown in south Arkansas. Doubt it is a cline. Probably just chance and variation.

Always a challenge in identity. This one was frisking thistle with a gang of other species in Cleburne county in 2015. White face is consistent everywhere. Over fuzzy grayness.